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We accept most forms of insurance.

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Onsite and virtual outpatient services for individuals with substance use disorders, commonly referred to as addiction, behavioral health conditions such as bipolar, depression, and anxiety, as well as co-ocurring disorders.

Highlife Recovery

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For information on our sister company 
Highlife Sober Living, click here.

Highlife Recovery provides Outpatient Services for individuals with Substance Use Disorders, also called Addiction and Alcoholism, Mental Health Disorders, and co-occurring disorders in a supportive and encouraging environment.
Our mission is to assist individuals, living within the communities we serve, to improve their quality of life. 

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5925 Cleveland Ave, STE B
Columbus, OH 43231

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We Accept Medicaid and Most Other Forms of Insurance

We believe in eliminating barriers for clients seeking treatment. If your insurance policy won't cover you, or you have a large deductible, we will work with you to get you the services you need. We also offer payment plans as an option for those without coverage.

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Highlife Recovery Is

Certified by
Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services

Accredited by
CARF International

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Highlife is sweet and I credit it with everything... You’ll probably hear this a thousand times from anyone you talk to about Highlife, but I was introduced to structure and accountability, such as making my bed every day, and I still do that now.

Skylar G.

Highlife Alumni

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Highlife Recovery strives to create a work environment that promotes authenticity and individuality, while providing opportunities for professional growth. Learn more about what our career paths could look like for you.


Substance Use Disorder: We're Here to Help

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Psychiatric Medical Care

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