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Provider Solutions

Highlife Healthcare Solutions provides business and clinical operational support for behavioral healthcare organizations. From consultations to administration of services, we can guide or provide services for your facility. If we are not completely confident that your organization will benefit from a relationship with Highlife Healthcare Solutions, we will both let you know and assist in connecting you with others that can help. Some of the Facility Consulting and/or Administrative Services that we provide include:

  • Billing and Collections

  • Staffing (temporary or permanent)

  • Staff Training and Education

  • Operational analysis and efficiency improvement

  • Project Management

  • Project Oversight

  • IT Analysis and Recommendations

  • Assist with Outsource specified Functions

  • Assist with Bringing In-House specified Functions

  • Audit of Current Systems

  • Policy and Procedure Review and/or Development

  • Process Review and Development

  • Quality Improvement Planning

  • Chart Audits

  • New Program Development and Implementation

  • Program Curriculum Development

  • Staff Training Courses

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Billing and Collections

If you're presently utilizing third party billing, you may be missing out on a significant amount of potential collectables from healthcare insurance organizations, especially if you are billing out-of-network. From the billing services standpoint, sending out claims and accepting insurance payments, including “Zero Pays”, may make sense. From your standpoint, they are taking advantage of the “low-hanging-fruit” and taking the same percent regardless of the effort required. It can take real effort in maximizing payments from healthcare insurance organizations. Billing and Collections are two very different services, but both vitally important. Accuracy in billing and tenacity in collections is a combination that we can provide, improve upon or develop for your organization. If you are presently using a “Third-Party-Biller”, you may want to ask yourself, “Why do they not identify themselves as a Healthcare Billing and Collections company?”

New Business Development and Third Party Analysis 

Market research and analysis, including review of business plans, prior to implementation is critical. For example, we assisted a client divert disaster when we were asked to review plans just prior to implementation. Not only were visions of key players found to be miles apart, but the information regarding the market in the planned location was greatly over-estimated by those who were to personally gain by funding the project. The result was that for a small fee to us, we were able to avert the investment, which would have posed close to half a million dollar loss, in the first year alone. This was much different than the immediate return on investment promised. Instead, we recommended that funds be used to grow another part of the healthcare organization and significant returns were realized in-short-order.

Healthcare Coding

Under-coding has been and continues to create tension between service providers and business administration personnel. While the Electronic Healthcare Record systems have helped, challenges continue. Our integrated staff of business and healthcare providers can provide vital strategies and assist with improved communications between business and healthcare providers.

Clinical Assistance

Evidence-Based Healthcare is the standard in our industry; however there are different ways of delivering the same basic care. We are here to assist your organization in staying on the cutting edge of healthcare service delivery. We provide a broad spectrum of services, including assisting in new Program Development, and re-writing of Policies and Procedures to reflect changes in standards of care. We can also help by providing a review and updating of curriculum. Assistance with training staff when new processes are developed and assuring compliance when changes are made to regulations. Constantly making changes to improve the quality of care is now the standard. We can provide Chart Audits and assist in writing Quality Improvement Plans.

Processes involved with support staff, such as admissions staff, including client scheduling, can reflect on Clinician’s job satisfaction, as well as consumer satisfaction and retention. Scheduling of clients is no longer an after-thought.

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