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Highlife Recovery strives to create a work environment that promotes authenticity and individuality, while providing opportunities for professional growth. Whether you desire to be a direct provider to clients or an employee in one of our supporting roles, we are always looking to hire for all positions.


Information Technology Specialist

Our Highlife organization is proud to have a knowledgeable and experienced internal IT team. As an IT specialist, you will be responsible for managing and maintaining our information technology systems, including hardware, software, and network infrastructure. Additionally, your responsibilities will include help desk support, designing and setting up physical and cyber systems, technical documentation, market research, coding and more. While degrees or certificates are welcome, the only requirements are an affinity for technology and a willingness to learn. If you are looking to participate and learn in the information technology field we encourage you to apply to become a part of this important team in our organization.

Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Counselors

 As a counselor, your role will be to assist individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues using effective treatment modalities and interventions. Our counselors start by conducting assessments in order to properly diagnose clients. You will work closely with a team of healthcare professionals to identify concerns allowing you to create goals and treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs. As a counselor, you will be meeting with clients through individual and group therapy sessions providing them with coping mechanisms to help combat their struggles. Additionally, you will maintain accurate and detailed patient records, and provide ongoing support to patients, their families, and other outside enterprises. If you are passionate about helping people overcome their struggles and want to make a positive impact on the lives of others, we encourage you to apply for this rewarding and fulfilling role.


Case Management

As a case manager, you will be responsible for coordinating interdisciplinary care and support services for our patients, including conducting assessments, developing, monitoring, and evaluating treatment plans and progress, and facilitating access to necessary resources. Case managers will assist clients with vocational involvement, developing a social support network, examining housing and financial needs, and assistance in interfacing with health and social service systems. Additionally, you will maintain accurate and detailed records of patient interactions and progress, and communicate regularly with patients and their families about treatment goals and progress. We encourage you to apply for this important role in our organization if you seek a rewarding and purposeful career that creates a positive impact on the lives of others.


Medical Services

At Highlife, our medical team consists of MDs, NPs, LPNs, MAs, and various other support staff. As a member of the medical team, you will play a critical role in providing evidence-based practice of medicine for our patients. From measuring vital signs and performing lab tests to meeting with patients, medical assistants, LPNs and other support staff are crucial members of a health care team. Our nurse practitioners coordinate and guide our medical team while also managing prescriptions and providing direct services to our clients. While our physicians educate and supervise all providers, they also provide direct services to clients. All of our medical team work closely with other healthcare professionals, internal and external, while maintaining proper documentation of patients' progress. If you are looking for a fulfilling and meaningful career in the medical field we encourage you to apply to become a part of this important team in our organization.


As Highlife continues to grow, our administrative departments evolve along with the organization. Through this growth, we have developed many different roles in our departments which all support our direct providers in their ability to provide services to our clients. From the receptionist, who is responsible for greeting patients, directing patient flow, managing appointment schedules, fielding phone calls and more, to the marketing specialists, who are responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies, each member is important to the success of our organization. Our billing specialists who manage billing and collections processes, and our outreach coordinator who is responsible for coordinating community events and relationships with referral sources all work collaboratively to carry out our mission and vision. We also have several other positions within our administrative departments. If you are interested in joining our mission-driven, growing organization, we encourage you to apply for one of these important roles in our team. If you have any questions about any of our other roles please reach out as our administrative departments are always expanding.

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