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  • Brittany Grate

5 Things to Know About Medication Management With Recovery

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Recovery can be a time filled with learning, new experiences, and moving outside of our comfort zone. One of the fist things that one may encounter is medication use. This may come in differing forms depending on your situation, diagnoses, and current treatment level. At Highlife Recovery, we have a full medical staff that evaluates and treats our patients at IOP (Intensive Outpatient) and OP (Outpatient) levels of care.

What does this mean for our patients? How do we determine when we use medications? What do I need to tell my doctor? Why do we utilize medications at Highlife?

Medication management for treatment of substance use disorder is a proven effective, evidence based treatment.

Highlife Recovery prides ourselves on staying up-to-date with current scientific studies and latest research on most effective treatment methods. Studies, and our own years in practice, have repeatedly shown that medication use, especially in early recovery, increases the effectiveness of counseling and therapy allowing for healing and better sustained recovery in the long-term.

We closely monitor for any risk, correct dosages, and other concerns.

We do this through meetings with the medical staff, communication with counselors and case management, and regular UDTs (drug screenings). Determination is made by our medical staff upon assessment and review of current health, other medications being used, and other variables that will be discussed with the medical staff. The more open communication with our medical staff, the better they will be able to help.

Our goal is to restore a sense of balance, by removing the negative effects that make it difficult to focus on your recovery journey.

While it does not instantly cure, the medications intent is to improve your condition enough to allow you to focus on learning and using the new tools and taking steps needed to meet your goals.

Talk to medical staff before stopping medications.

If something happens where the medication is not feeling effective, or if running out of medication, please contact our office and speak with the medical staff. We want to minimize risk and side effects with stopping medications as much as possible. When ready to come off of a medication, that will be discussed with your medical provider and a plan will be coordinated.

We love to answer questions!

Our medical staff is experienced and knowledgeable. If you have any questions regarding medications, even if it is not from us, we are happy to help. We take the whole person into account with care, so we welcome all questions and concerns to allow us to provide the best care. Call into the office and ask for someone in medical and we will get you connected with someone to be able to answer questions.

New experiences can be overwhelming, but our goal is to make it easy to take the steps you need to reach your goals and move forward. Our staff is always here, and many have been through this process themselves. Medications may be able to help you make progress. Reach out to your provider or give us a call with any questions you may have.

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