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Our Alumni

At Highlife Recovery, we understand that addiction and mental health issues can be complex and require ongoing support. Our program offers individuals an opportunity to stay connected to our community, continue receiving support and guidance from our team of professionals, and remain engaged in their ongoing recovery journey. Our alumni often return to share their experiences with current clients, providing valuable insights and inspiration. Being a part of the Highlife Recovery community provides a sense of belonging to a group of people who have gone through similar experiences and can relate to the challenges of maintaining sobriety and mental wellness.. Ultimately, we strive to help individuals build a strong foundation for long-term recovery and live fulfilling lives beyond treatment.

Tyler C.

Tyler C.png

Could you tell me a little about yourself? Any fun facts you’d like to people to know?

I’m 27 years old, married, and have a little over six years sober! I enjoy many hobbies I’ve started since being in recovery including rock climbing and golf!

What originally brought you to Highlife?

I originally came to Highlife after a 30-day stay at Recovery Works in Worthington. I was seeking out a sober living facility where I could continue working on my recovery in a community of others doing the same! Highlife and Recovery Works had been working together for a while at that point so the transition was very quick and easy!

What programs were you a part of at Highlife?

I was a part of the Sober Living program. I became a part of the program while already seeing a counselor and doing IOP at another outpatient office, so I didn’t actually go through the outpatient program at Highlife Recovery.

What would you say was your favorite aspect of being a part of Highlife?

I really enjoyed the community! It was my first time getting sober, and I didn’t know anything about how to continue to stay sober after my 30-day inpatient stay. Having a support network around me constantly was one of the biggest factors early on that helped me stay sober.

In what ways has Highlife influenced your life after treatment? What has stuck with you?

Highlife has influenced my life in many ways since I graduated the program! For one, I have been an employee at the outpatient office for over five years now! They helped me as I started my journey back through college and supported me every step of the way!

What would your advice be to someone who may be considering treatment with Highlife?

My advice would be to give it a shot and take it one day at a time. I never thought I’d have more than a couple of months sober, much less be able to find a sweet network of people who would encourage me to grow in my recovery, my faith, and my career. Highlife has changed my life, and I know many other people can say the same!

Wandering Traveler

Don't hesitate! Get help today and improve your quality of life!

Highlife is sweet and I credit it with everything... You’ll probably hear this a thousand times from anyone you talk to about Highlife, but I was introduced to structure and accountability, such as making my bed every day, and I still do that now.

Skylar G.

Highlife Alumni

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