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Virtual Services

At Highlife Recovery, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive and accessible mental health and addiction treatment services. That's why we have embraced the power of virtual platforms to enhance our clients' experience and ensure that help is always within reach. Our cutting-edge virtual services offer a wide range of benefits, allowing individuals to receive personalized treatment from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Through secure video conferencing, our expert therapists and counselors provide virtual therapy sessions, ensuring continuous support throughout the recovery journey. Additionally, our dedicated IT team has worked to develop a hybrid experience for on-site and remote participants in group sessions, to ensure as seamless an interaction as possible.

Our Hybrid Group Rooms

Through extensive testing and continual improvements, we at Highlife Recovery has created what we believe to be one of the best hybrid group experiences in the industry. Spurred on by the rise of COVID-19, we needed a way to allow clients who needed to avoid social contact to be able to attend group sessions remotely, while still keeping the lively and interactive environment for all participants. Utilizing state of the art AI cameras as well as a multi-array microphone setup, our hybrid group rooms create a near-seamless blend of remote and on-site experiences.

Wandering Traveler

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