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Our Values and Vision

Highlife Recovery’s Mission is to assist individuals, living within the communities we serve, to improve their quality of life.


Quality and Safety

Our Staff takes Safety first, as we strive to provide the highest standards of care by utilizing cutting edge, innovative, and Evidence Based Healthcare to assist individuals improve their quality of life.

Respect and Equity
Our Staff provide Compassion, Empathy, Inclusion and Personal Dignity for those we serve and one-another, and have no tolerance for discrimination of any type.


Our Staff is composed of Direct Providers, those delivering healthcare services, and Indirect Providers, the entirety of the rest of our staff, that function together, as a single team dedicated to our mission and vision. Ownership is part of Our Staff, working side-by-side, as Direct and Indirect Providers. The keystone of Highlife Recovery is family: family-owned, with a strong belief that all team members treat each other with friendship, inclusion, care, and respect. 


Our Staff takes responsibility for our actions and are accountable to our organization, each other, our patients, and our community. Highlife Recovery is Accredited by CARF International and we are Certified by the State of Ohio’s Mental Health and Addiction Services Department, and credentialed as preferred providers by many insurance companies. All Direct providers are licensed by the State of Ohio and are Credentialed by Highlife Recovery. We provide service excellence within our scope of practice and make personalized referrals as needed and/or requested. We are accountable to other community providers, taking pride in our outreach coordination, including both our quality communication and collaboration with outside service providers.


Our Staff intentionally follow these Values, in all that we do, with all individuals entering our facilities, including virtually, in a confidential and welcoming environment.


It is Highlife Recovery’s intention to provide the highest quality of evidence-based healthcare for individuals battling Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Disorders.

It is Highlife Recovery’s intention to provide Comprehensive Outpatient Behavioral Healthcare services, with levels of care ranging from case management, to individual counseling/therapy, to intensive outpatient programs, to outpatient and aftercare; including to provide the persons we serve, the option of utilizing pharmacologic treatment, in conjunction with those clinical services.

It is Highlife Recovery’s intention to provide a welcoming, warm, safe, judgment-free, and healing environment.

It is Highlife Recovery’s intention to surround each individual with a team of highly-skilled multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals that are able to provide a broad range of healthcare services, while remaining within our scope of care and referring to outside providers when indicated, including by request.

It is Highlife Recovery’s intention to work with individuals that have Substance Use Disorders and/or Mental Health Disorders, develop an individualized treatment plan that includes:                
    1- holistically assessing a person’s health status from biological, to psychological, and to social      perspectives.
    2- delineating one’s specific combinations of diagnoses and/or challenges.
    3- together developing an individualized treatment plan, setting achievable goals.
    4- together following progress towards reaching those goals.

It is Highlife Recovery’s intention to develop a workplace atmosphere that allows our Highlife Family Members, our staff, to grow and develop professionally and personally.

It is Highlife Recovery’s intention to to assure outstanding Behavioral Health Services are accessible in both Urban and Rural areas of Ohio by developing physical sites, along with offering virtual services that are readily available to any resident of the state, regardless of transportation and/or internet connectivity.

It is Highlife Recovery’s intention to maintain a strong business position to be able to offer a sliding scale and/or payment plans for individuals when personal resources are limited.

It is Highlife Recovery’s intention to be more than an appealing place to work, but to also aid in staff members’ professional growth in the path of their choosing to the extent we are able to do so.

It is Highlife Recovery’s intention to be an inviting and inclusive organization for our staff by building a sense of belonging and develop a family atmosphere, where staff respect each other and help each other when assisting patients, on our personal professional path, and/or when in need of personal assistance.

It is Highlife Recovery’s intention to consider every staff member a patient provider, whether it be a Direct Provider of services or an Indirect Provider, who support them; all are considered Highlife Family members by each other. Through this relationship of caring and mutual respect we accomplish our mission.

It is Highlife Recovery’s intention to remain a family run organization, with ownership working side-by-side our Highlife Family Members as both Direct and Indirect Providers.


Don't hesitate! Get help today and improve your quality of life!

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