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  • Brittany Grate

Our Tiffin Office

Sitting more northern, is our Tiffin office. This quaint smaller town can be found following Route 23 just over an hour north of Columbus. We are located conveniently across from the Taco Bell. We undertook a remodel and opened here in early 2022 with a cozy office that is a staff favorite.

When you walk inside the space, you’ll feel the laid-back atmosphere in this beautiful office. We have a lovely seating area with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall and cozy chairs and a couch. This location is currently set up to hold a group room, a second smaller group room/larger office, and an additional office. However, our Tiffin office boasts the functionality to rearrange the walls to be able to accommodate larger groups and be flexible with the use of space.

Our staff at this location is local to Tiffin and can help with getting connected in the area. Even though this is a smaller community, there are still events, services, and meetings that can be found here.

Be sure to stop in if you are in the area and say hello to our friendly staff.

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