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New Year, New Us

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new website in 2024, still located at, designed to amplify the reach and impact of our mental health and addiction counseling services, along with valuable resources for sober living. Our new website, developed entirely in-house, features a drastically improved user experience and offers comprehensive information on our businesses.


  1. Integrated Experience: Users can now find information for Highlife Recovery (including our four different office locations) and Highlife Sober Living on the same website.

  2. Contact and Application: We now accept applications through our online form, as well as a contact page including a callback form, our office numbers, and a public email.

3. Interactive Map: Select any of our locations and get directions, phone number, and pictures of the office on one central interface.

4. Detailed service information: Get detailed information on all of Highlife Recovery's services, learn what we offer before calling in to get help.

5. Recovery Resources: Get information on common recovery subjects, such as AA, Counseling, and more.

6. Client & Alumni Testimonials: Hear from our clients & alumni, to get firsthand information about people's experience at Highlife.

7. Blog: And of course, this blog!

As Highlife continues to grow and reach more people, we seek to improve our client's experiences in every way possible. If you experience any issues with our new website, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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