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Our Columbus Office

Since 2010, we have had a presence in Columbus. This bustling city offers a close to home feel with all the amenities that the metropolitan area offers. Our location is conveniently located right off 270 at Cleveland Ave near Westerville. Better yet, this location, like our Grove City office, sits on the bus route, with the bus stop right at the front of our parking lot.

Walking up to our office, you will find clear signage directing to the front door. The inviting landscaping and trees provide a welcoming backdrop. Inside, you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. Serving as our “Base of Operations,” this office is the largest of our offices. Originally, we held a smaller space with one group room and 2 offices and have since expanded to offer two group rooms and many additional office spaces for staff.

Staff at this location is knowledgeable in local events, services, and programs. Columbus boasts many things to do, and we have a staff full of locals who are also in recovery, so be sure to ask about the best in our area.

With the conveniences of the big city all around and the comfort and accessibility this location offers, this location is a point of pride for Highlife.

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