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  • Brittany Grate

Our Circleville Office

Our original location, Circleville, opened in 2010 taking on the name of Highlife Recovery in 2014. Circleville is a quickly growing city maintaining a small-town feel. This has made it a favorite among our staff. Located straight down SR 23, about 30 minutes south of Columbus, 20 minutes west of Lancaster, and 20 minutes north of Chillicothe, we are ideally located for accessibility of many individuals.

Highlife began with a small upstairs area with only two offices and a group room, and has now expanded to include the downstairs in the Anderson Building, which is located across from Forest Cemetery.

When you arrive there, you will find it to be a quiet and peaceful area with a lovely brick walkway and patio, and a welcoming environment outside, flowing inside.

A community bulletin board can be found just inside the front door with information on local events, meetings, information, and other programs in the area. Our staff is local, and is able to help with getting connected with programs and activities in the area as well.

Exclusive to our Circleville location is our Highlife Book Exchange. You’ll find a cute bookshelf where you can trade out books, pick up things that other community members have brought in to share, and bring in books or other like items to share with others.

Circleville is home to many great events, programs, and services, with our local Pickaway County Library just up the road. There are great educational programs, work resources, and new businesses popping up often.

Come on by and say hello when you are in the area, and you’ll quickly see why we love it.

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