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Legal Notices

Highlife Recovery, LLC, Highlife Sober Living, LLC, Highlife Addiction Medicine and Counseling, LLC, and Highlife Healthcare Solutions, LLC are each a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Registered with the State of Ohio and Owned by Highlife Health, LLC, which is a Limited Liability Company Registered in the State of Ohio. Each of these LLC’s conduct business operations independently from each other, except where such business functions are expressly Agreed to by each party and each with Rights and Responsibilities according to appropriate Statutes and Laws governing such functions. Business interactions, including medical, counseling, business administrative services, including consultations, operations, billing, staffing and/or other services/programs provided by any of these LLC's does not in any way reflect the support or consent of the other LLC's listed above. Highlife Health, LLC provides restrictive financial support to each owned LLC’s for contractually specified operational expenses and does not include all accounts payable, payable by funding through Highlife Healthcare Solutions, LLC and in return, Highlife Health, LLC has sole rights to all receipts and/or accounts receivable of it’s owned LLC’s. All LLC’s listed above utilize their LLC name without indicating “,LLC” after the name and are registered with the state of Ohio as Fictitious Names, which may similarly be referred to as “Doing Business As” in other states. While not expressly written in all usages of their names, each LLC expressly states that their name, with or without the LLC designation, to be solely, each, their property both within the state of Ohio or otherwise and shall be considered Service Marked (SM) in all usages in this website or otherwise.

Highlife Sober Living, LLC offers a recovery housing Program, also called 'sober living', for individuals choosing to become a participant. All participants are required to be receiving outpatient services, however it is not a requirement that these services be received from Highlife Recovery, LLC. Participants in violation of the agreed terms may be asked to enter a probation and / or suspension agreement from the program. If a participant declines the terms of their original agreement, the probationary agreement and / or the suspension agreement, that participant is explicitly choosing to discontinue the program. These former participants will be asked to leave the premises immediately, as agreed to in their original entry contract.

All rights reserved to the names and or phrases contained in this website and specifically in quotes as follows:
“Highlife Recovery” All rights reserved    2014 Highlife Health, LLC
“Highlife Sober Living” All rights reserved    2014
“Highlife Addiction Medicine” All rights reserved     2014
“Highlife Addiction Medicine and Counseling” All rights reserved     2014
“Highlife Healthcare Solutions” All rights reserved     2014
“Highlife Health” All rights reserved    2014 LLC Members Highlife Health, LLC
“Reach Out to a New Solution” All rights reserved    2012 

“Reach Up to a New Solution” All rights reserved    2012 

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